(My name worked with a lot of possible-name adjectives surprisingly. After much contemplation, this one won!)

Semi-pro" because, yes, I have sold my photographs, and do get hired for paid shoots, but I love photography too much to ruin it with the stresses in making it a business.

I have never been the sales/marketing type, nor have the business sense to feel comfortable with licensing, forms, legalities, etc... So, I do it because I love it! If people want to pay me along the way, all the better, but, I have never turned down a job because of money. Oftentimes, I am paid in wine, jewelery and hugs :) And also the opportunity to photography many beautiful people and scenes.

Here, I would like to showcase my favorite shots :)


Portrait Photography

Favorite Portraits
Vic and Steve's Fitness Shoot (November 2011)
Jamie's Studio Shots

Travel Photography

Best of India (2013)

Jamaica - Colin and Lynne's Wedding (2012)
Newfoundland (2011)

London, England and Paris, France (2011)
Amsterdam, Netherlands (2011)
Austria and Germany (2011)
Florence, Rome and Venice, Italy (2011)
Beaujolais Wine Region and Nice (2011)
Ireland (2011)